So This Happened

My first thought was this has to be photoshopped, which would be hilarious in its own right. The fact that Arnold and Sly actually met up at the hospital to have surgery together somehow seems even more ridiculous than a simple photoshop job.

Schwarzenegger posted this photo of him and Sylvester Stallone at the hospital along with the following caption:

After all the action, stunts & physical abuse shooting The Expendables 2 and The Last Stand, it was time for a little tune up on my shoulder. Look who was coincidentally waiting in line behind me for his shoulder surgery. Now we’re ready for another round of great times and action when we shoot The Tomb.

Because of course, OF COURSE!, Schwarzenegger and Stallone would go and have shoulder surgery together. I feel like this photo just retconned by entire childhood. [via videogum]

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