Speaking of James Bond, The Bond 50 Blu-Ray Set Looks Amazing

Not only is James Bond a prick, but he’s also the focus of my favorite film franchise. There’s nothing I don’t love about Bond — including George Lazenby.

As such, I’m practically having a heart-attack right now because The Bond 50 box set includes all 22 James Bond films in Blu-ray. I feel like Blu-ray is pretty pointless, and it would have been nice of MGM and 20th Century Fox to release this as less-expensive download (could care less about package, just want the movies). Anyway, the set can be yours for $200. Pre-orders start today.

If you need a specially-made trailer to get you excited about this, well, today’s your lucky day, as there is one on the flip side.

I can’t wait to torrent the shit out of this box-set.

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