The Avengers Smashes the Box Office

Damn, everyone knew The Avengers was going to open strong, but $200 million strong? Bested the previous opening weekend record by $30 million? The strong anticipation, the overwhelmingly good reviews and the fact that the movie, while technically not a sequel, was kind of the sixth movie in a planned series. Kudos to Marvel for pulling off the impossible.

Now, the only two questions are: how much will this make at the box office overall? I’m guessing $450 million or so. The opening box office accounted for 40 percent or so of the total box office for nearly all of the recent movies that have opened strong out of the gates. That suggests, in part, that those movies don’t have strong legs and make most of their money in the first few weeks of opening.

However, if The Avengers performs more like The Dark Knight and this is only 30 percent of its take, it could end up doing extremely ridiculous numbers. Time will tell and there aren’t too many movies on the horizon that could dent its momentum; I suspect there are also plenty of people that have yet to see the movie (ahem) and will now want to do so.

As for the second question: does this mean Joss Whedon can finally make a show for Fox that won’t be unceremoniously be cancelled after one season? Probably not. It is Fox after all.

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