The Opening Minute of All 22 Bond Flicks … Simultaneously

What? Did you think this was going to be some sort of funny parody about how the opening minute of every Bond movie is essentially the same? Well, it kind of is, actually; but, seeing all 22 Bond openings playing simultaneously in the same video brings out the subtle differences like the different studio logos involved, how some quickly jump to the movie and how all of them use the traditional “Bond shooting the sniper” animation.

The one that really sticks out is Casino Royale because it’s the only one in black and white. Anyway, the video is difficult to watch but oddly mesmerizing. It’s supposedly part of a larger project to simulcast all 22 Bond movies at the same time, which would be equally as difficult to sit through but also mildly interesting to see how formulaic the franchise is or isn’t.

[via FilmDrunk]

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