The Post-Avengers Marvel Slate

Now that The Avengers has become a raging success, it’s time to look at Marvel’s plans for the future, which the studio shed light on at Comic Con. The nuts and bolts is this: Iron Man 3 will hit on May 3, 2013 and Ben Kingsley is confirmed as the Mandarin; Thor: The Dark World, with Alan Taylor directing, on Nov 8, 2013; Captain America: The Winter Soldier on Apr 4, 2014; and Guardians of the Galaxy on Aug 1. 2014.

Above is the first concept art for Guardians of the Galaxy. Plot details weren’t revealed for that movie, obviously, but I dig the look for the characters. Not much was revealed for Thor or Captain America, but given the Winter Soldier title, it should be pretty obvious what the plot for that movie will be.

Director Edgar Wright showed off his test footage for Ant-Man, which won’t be part of the upcoming movie about Hank Pym, a scientist who can manipulate his subatomic particles to grow large or small at will. Instead, the footage was merely a way for Wright and Marvel to work out a few things related to Pym’s power.

Wright is prepping a movie with frequent collaborates Nick Frost and Simon Pegg, but it’s assumed Ant-Man will be his next movie after that. My guess, is Marvel will use the four movies above to eventually tease the appearance of Hank Pym and the movie will hit sometime in 2015 as part of the lead-up to Avengers 2.

By all accounts, everything Marvel revealed at Comic Con was well received and it feels positively exciting what they have going on with all these different movies. It’s a shame Marvel doesn’t own the rights to X-Men, Spider-Man, and the Fantastic Four.

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