The Sound and Adorableness of The Hunger Games Signify Everything

Are ya’ll not tired of The Hunger Games yet? Well, we’ve got a few videos to share that crossed our fancy. The first is from SoundWorks Collection showing us how they produced and recorded some of the sounds from the film. I thought the sound work and score in the movie was very restrained, but really well done. That’s not an easy balance to strike in this Michael Bay, Hans Zimmer, BWHAAM movie world we live in these days.

Secondly, “The Beanie Baby Hunger Games,” created by Jeff Luppino-Esposito & Jamie T. McCelland, is exactly what it sounds like — The Hunger Games acted out by Beanie Babies. It’s both remarkably true to the books and sadistically enjoyable.

Thanks to Flavorwire for pointing this out.

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