Thomas Jane Made a Punisher Fan Flick

Say what you will about actor Thomas Jane, but the guy seems like a bona fide nerd, unlike many in Hollywood who try to flaunt their fake nerd cred. Jane infamously dressed up like Jonah Hexx in a bid to win the role that eventually went to Josh Brolin. He’s already played The Punisher once for Marvel back in 2004, but now he’s gone and funded a ten-minute fan film to show at SDCC. It’s good and even better, it stars Good Guy Ron Perlman.

I doubt this will convince Marvel to cast Jane in another Punisher flick, but wouldn’t you love to see him show up in the Marvel Movie Universe with a cameo? It also furthers my point that Marvel could really take advantage of the short film format and YouTube to advance the stories of their minor characters.

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