Trailer: Magic Mike

Magic Mike is director Steven Soderbegh’s male-stripper comedy that, despite starring the underrated comedic chops and chiseled pecs of Channing Tatum, didn’t seem all that interesting until Matthew McConaughey showed up playing a stripper version of Wooderson.

Anyway, NPR’s Monkeysee takes the cake: “At any rate, it’s not long before we learn that Mike is not just a stripper. He has a dream. A dream! Of course he does. And what is it? He makes custom furniture. CUSTOM FURNITURE! Just like the guy in While You Were Sleeping, and the guy in Like Crazy, and the guy in Phenomenon, and I honestly am sure there are lots and lots more, but WHAT IS WITH GUYS IN MOVIES WHO SHOW THEIR SENSIVITY BY MAKING CUSTOM FURNITURE?”

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