Trailer Roundup: Taken 2, Dredd, Anna Karenina, Sellebrity

Here’s but a few trailers that hit the wires over the past few days while I was tied up covering Enterprise 2.0 for work.

Taken 2

Liam Neeson’s Taken was one of the most unexpectedly dope action movies of the last five years. Anyway, good to see the most interesting man in the world was behind the kidnapping of Neeson’s daughter and now wants revenge.

Insert obligatory <"I don't always kidnap American girls, but when I do I expect them to become my sex slave"/> jokes here.

[via highdefinite]


Karl Urban steps into the role of Judge Dredd, which was vacated by Sly Stallone around the time the last person finishing laughing at the “I am the law” line. Anyway, this looks considerably better than the first stab at a Judge Dredd flick. Urban looks the part, the world doesn’t look so goofy, Rob Schneider is nowhere to be seen, and how can you complain about Lena Heady and Olivia Thirlby in the cast?

Anna Karenina

Sure, this is based on Leo Tolstoy’s famous book, which many (myself include) regard as the greatest piece of literature ever written. But it also could just as easily be called Pride and Prejudice 2: Lizzie Bennett Takes Moscow.

Keira Knightley is Anna Karenina, but we also get appearances by other British thespians like Aaron Johnson, Jude Law, Kelly MacDonald, Matthew MacFayden (Mr. Darcy!), Emily Watson, and Olivia Williams.

The lack of Russian accents aside, what really has me nervous about this movie is the curious absence of Kostya Levin. The parallel stories of Levin, trying to court Kitty and manage his farm, with Anna’s story of infidelity is what raises the story to high art. Without Levin, the story of Anna Karenina is nothing more than a lady who cheats on her husband and ends up killing herself out of shame.


$ellebrity is celebrity photography Kevin Mazur’s look at “life behind the velvet rope and in front of the camera.” The documentary debuted at SXSW, was well-received and currently has no release date. Stupid title aside, I’m intrigued, as the movie features Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lopez, Kid Rock, and Elton John, among many others.

Anyway, love that this documentary is coming out like two decades after Woody Allen’s fictional examination of the same topic. [via theaggregate]

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