Trailer: Stoker

South Korean filmmaker Park Chan-wook, best known for his Vengeance Trilogy and the iconic Oldboy, makes his English-language debut with Stoker, which stars Mia Wasikowska, Nicole Kidman, Matthew Goode, Dermot Mulroney, and Jacki Weaver.

If the movie came from anyone other than Park, I’m not sure I’d be interested because it looks like a typical psychological thriller, but obviously the director has more up his sleeve.

“After India’s (Wasikowska) father (Mulroney) dies in an auto accident, her Uncle Charlie (Goode), who she never knew existed, comes to live with her and her emotionally unstable mother Evelyn (Kidman). Soon after his arrival, she comes to suspect this mysterious, charming man has ulterior motives, but instead of feeling outrage or horror, this friendless girl becomes increasingly infatuated with him.”

On a random personal note, I knew that I would marry Lady Oyster when I took her to see Oldboy in the theater for a date and she didn’t run for the hills screaming.

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