Trailer Trifecta: Lincoln, Parker, and The Croods

There were a few more trailers released yesterday, aside from The Lone Ranger.


This clip, which was released after last night’s presidential debate (*sigh*) is definitely better than the first trailer. Consider my excitement for the film restored.


I nearly LOL’ed out the door at Jason Stathem’s ridonkulously fake Texas accent, but I’m intrigued to see what he, and director Taylor Hackford (what? that’s weird) bring to Donald Westlake‘s series of novels. Can we all agree that Westlake is one the best crime and mystery novelists to have ever lived? In theaters January 25, 2013.

The Croods

Dreamworks’ next animated project, The Croods, is about a neanderthal family, in which the smart daughter (Emma Stone) forces her reclusive father (Nicolas Cage) to venture out of their cave and into the world for the first time. Also starring the voices of Ryan Reynolds, Clark Duke, and Cloris Leachman, the flick is in theaters March 22. Could be good. Dreamworks has done some nice animation work lately.

There were also trailers for ‘Movie 43‘ and ‘The Guilt Trip‘.

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