What a Back to the Future Remake Might Look Like

Everyone and their mom knows that at some point Hollywood is going to remake Goonies and Back to the Future because there is no god or justice in this cruel remake world we live in. Nothing is untouchable.

College Humor imagines what a BTTF remake might be like. As you lament the inevitable, consider this: in three years, we will be as far away from the release of BTTF, 30 years, as Marty was to 1955. So, it’s not crazy to think a remake is possible with present-day Marty travelling back to 1985 and bequeathing them Skrillex instead of Chuck Berry. Or would the joke work better if he played, say, a Pixies song, given that Surfer Rosa came out in 1988. Berry’s “Johnny B. Goode” was released in 1958.


For the most part, I’m not really opposed to remakes if they bring something new or different to the table. At the same time, if they bring something new to the table why not just give the movie a new title and not peddle in nostalgia whoring?

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