What if ‘Titantic’ Starred Jeremy Sisto Instead of Leo DiCaprio?

The video above appears on the upcoming Blu-ray release of Titanic (set to hit shelves September 14, guys) and it’s mostly about how exceptional Kate Winslet is. Which we already know that and who really cares how she convinced James Cameron to let her play Rose. The much more interesting part of this screen test is Jeremy Sisto standing in for Leo DiCaprio.

Sisto is a great television actor and borderline creepy in many ways. Part of that perception is probably due to his playing the creepy role of Billy in ‘Six Feet Under’. While Leo was optimistically upbeat tossing out anachronistic phrases from Bob Dylan songs, there’s something about Sisto that makes me feel like he would have stabbed Billy Zane with a fountain pen and murdered Rose just to stay alive as she was trying to push his freezing body off the floating door.

Imagine that movie. I would watch that movie over and over again. [via geektyrant]

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