Where The Wild Week Was

After a week away in San Francisco covering the Citrix Synergy show for TechTarget, there’s nothing more depressing than getting to the office and seeing a very moldy coffee cup. Anyway, here are some links that caught my eye while I was away, but didn’t have time to write them up.

1. TechCrunch takes a closer look at Chorus, the content management system created by Vox Media that powers The Verge and SB Nation blogs. Sadly, there’s no indication that Vox Media plans to make Chorus available for other publications — which means news organizations are stuck with WordPress for the time being.

2. I really dig the spate of “What I Read” features, that asks famous people how they consumer media. The Atlantic does it best and New York Times tech reporter Jenna Wortham is a good place to start.

3. Buzz Bissinger, author of Friday Night Lights advocates for the banning of college football.

In more than 20 years I’ve spent studying the issue, I have yet to hear a convincing argument that college football has anything do with what is presumably the primary purpose of higher education: academics.

That’s because college football has no academic purpose. Which is why it needs to be banned. A radical solution, yes. But necessary in today’s times.

4. Love, love, love this: “A Map Of Your City’s Invisible Neighborhoods, According To Foursquare

5. Andrew Sullivan first made the case for gay marriage back in 1989, which means he can put on a pair of his “I told you so” pants with his latest Newsweek essay after Obama’s endorsement of gay marriage last week. It also gives him a unique perspective on the matter, being a gay, Catholic conservative, after all.

6. Here’s the 100th SNL Digital Short. Natalie Portman reminds you how hard she is.

[via uproxx]

7. This should make Lady Oyster happy: Apple is ditching Google’s mapping technology for the maps app come iOS 6. Hopefully, they can make a few more improvements as the maps app is her least favorite thing about the iPad.

8. Storytelling advice from Joss Whedon, Stephen King, Salman Rushdie, Doris Lessing, Scott Simon, Damon Lindelof and a machine.

9. An insider reveals why Anonymous might be the most powerful organization on Earth.

punch in the face where Anonymous began to realize how incredibly powerful they are. There’s a really good argument at this point that we might well be the most powerful organization on Earth. The entire world right now is run by information. Our entire world is being controlled and operated by tiny invisible 1s and 0s that are flashing through the air and flashing through the wires around us. So if that’s what controls our world, ask yourself who controls the 1s and the 0s? It’s the geeks and computer hackers of the world.

10.You could do worse than taking a few seconds to catch up with Nivan Mullick and the little boy who created Caine’s Arcade.

Above: Artist Hannah Friederichs has drawn Earth’s Mightiest Heroes in the fashion of the late, great Maurice Sendak. Also, the movie continues to own the box office like nothing else in history.

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