Croft: A Decent ‘Tomb Raider’ Fan Film

Every now and again, a fan film comes along that is worth watching. We’ve recently seen great ones, for example a clever one based on the video game Portal, Pac-Man turned into a horror film, we’ve seen reboots for 80s cartoon Voltron, actor Thomas Jane’s Punisher fan film, and back in 2009 we were treated to the Greatest Fan Film Ever Made.

Now, we’re treated to a gritty, action-packed look at the Tomb Raider franchise. Given the terrain where this was shot — it’s easy to forgive some of the cuts/edits — the stunt work and action choreography is really topnotch work for amateurs. The score is also really well-done and the twist at the end on the Lara Croft mythology was handled nicely.

If you’ve got 20 minutes you should totally queue this up at some point over the weekend. [via kotaku]

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