Disney Release a Star Wars Movie Per Year?

ollymossstarwarsThis is interesting: “Disney has announced that starting Summer of 2015 we will get a new Star Wars film every year until the end of time … or they stop making money, whichever happens first. The plan would be to start with JJ Abrams’ Episode VII and then altnerate between the new trilogy and these spin-off films. That means every two years we’d get a continuing story film with these stand alone films filling the gaps every other summer.”

Ambitious. To say the least.

It’s worked so far with the Marvel movies, but that might not translate to Star Wars. One of my buddies made the interesting point that he’s never read a Thor or Ant-Man comic from Marvel but he knew who the characters were, unlike anyone in the Star Wars universe outside Luke, Leia, Han, Chewie, Darth Vader, etc.

The one thing this plan has going for it, as a result, is the movies will have to be good to succeed.

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