‘Finding Nemo’ Sequel is Not Suprisingly ‘Finding Dory’

©2013 Disney•Pixar. All Rights Reserved.I’m not anti-sequel but Pixar seems way more interested in doing them lately and the one movie that deserves a sequel, ‘The Incredibles’, is nowhere to be found on the roster.

Anyway, per Disney-Pixar’s announcement, ‘Finding Dory’ is set to take place about a year after ‘Finding Nemo’, set along the California coastline, with a new set of potential toys characters being introduced, in addition to the return of old favorites Marlin, Nemo, and several of the dentist fish tank posse.

The concept of Dory getting lost isn’t terrible and is highly plausible given her character, but it also seems … obvious? The good news is director Andrew Stanton is returning, so the hope is there that this isn’t just a money grab.

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