‘Kung Fury’ is the Greatest Movie That Doesn’t Actually Exist

If you’ve spent any time on the Internet today or yesterday — especially the geek corners of said Internet — then you’ve probably seen this already. The trailer for ‘Kung Fury’ is being posted everywhere. So much so, I wasn’t sure I would post it myself — despite it being earmarked.

The movie is an 80s fever-dream pastiche straight-up invented from the mind of 12-year-old boy: “He’s a kung-fu renegade cop. Now, he must defeat the most evil kung-fu master in the world: Adolf Hitler, aka Kung Führer.” The plot also involves time travel, dinosaurs, a NES PowerGlove, etc.

As crazy as this trailer is, it only hints at what could be, however. The movie is not finished and director David Sandberg is trying to raise $200,000 via Kickstarter to complete the effects heavy flick. If he reaches that goal, he’ll release it for free as a 30-minute short. If he reaches $1million, he’ll turn it into a full-length and seek distribution.

Either way, we’ll always have this goofy trailer — one that seems fun but also knows not to take itself too seriously. It’s grindhouse from a child of the 80s.

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