1. TIL about the Kindly Brontosaurus, a posture to get what you want:

You must stand quietly and lean forward slightly, hands loosely clasped in a faintly prayerful arrangement. You will be in the gate agent’s peripheral vision—close enough that he can’t escape your presence, not so close that you’re crowding him—but you must keep your eyes fixed placidly on the agent’s face at all times. Assemble your features in an understanding, even beatific expression. Do not speak unless asked a question. Whenever the gate agent says anything, whether to you or other would-be passengers, you must nod empathically.

Continue as above until the gate agent gives you your seat number. The Kindly Brontosaurus always gets a seat number.

2. Something tells me better designed signs for the homeless won’t help them much. But, hey, it’s a better strategy than actually doing something to help them. (says the asshole who doesn’t do anything to help them at all beyond giving them money when I can)

3. I’m looking forward with perverse glee for Kick-Ass 2.

4. InFocus has a heart-wrenching photo set of the clash in Egypt from yesterday.

5. Kate Drabinski, a gender and women’s studies professor at the University of Maryland Baltimore County, just wrote the best article about the Brony subculture.

And let’s be real: norms of masculinity are incredibly strict and confining. Being a man in this culture means being strong, tough, violent, and sexually prolific. Even as new representations loosen these binds a bit, making way for metrosexuals to take pride in their appearance or for the Jersey Shore dudes to call “Gym, Tan, Laundry” a man’s routine without getting painted with the “gay” brush, masculinity still means, at base, not being feminine and refusing most feminine attributes, the very attributes embodied by My Little Pony.

But why should these attributes belong to only one gender? Why should women be the only ones who are allowed to be gentle, kind, loyal, and generous with their friends? BronyCon allows men to express themselves in ways mainstream culture deems pure faggotry, the very worst thing one can say about a man. Bronies are challenging ideals of masculinity and, like Applejack tending her orchard, are breaking new ground and encouraging new ways of being to grow there. And bronies are everywhere, even in that most masculine of places: the military.

There’s not a hint of mockery in it, which typically surrounds anyone from the outside writing about Bronies — adult men who find refuge in the show ‘My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic’.

6. Interesting look at one restaurant’s experience with eliminating tip-based compensation for wait staff.

7. Robyn Pennacchia, of Death and Taxes Mag, is 100% correct about everything that is wrong, condescending, and flat out annoying with the launch of new ladies website Bustle. Try to read this and not want to punch the site’s founder in the face.

8. I like Gruber’s thinking on how Apple could roll out a lower cost iPhone without cheapening the brand.

Dr-No-Windsor-Knot9. “Whether you’re into movies, fashion, or history, this site by Matt Spaiser cataloging the outfits worn by James Bond and his contemporaries is a great read,” so says Sarah Pavis over at I agree. It’s a fantastic site for Bond fans.

10. Harrison Ford would kindly ask that all you damn kids get off his lawn.

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