Marvel’s ‘Truth in Journalism’

Last year at SDCC, Thomas Jane dropped his pretty cool/brutal Punisher short film, Dirty Laundry. Though the short wasn’t officially sanctioned by Marvel, it solidified my point that Marvel could really take advantage of the short film format and YouTube, specifically, to advance the stories of their minor characters or introduce new ones ahead of a big-budget silver screen appearance.

Now comes an effort from director Joe Lynch, who re-teams with his ‘Knights of Badassdom’ star, Ryan Kwanten,  better known for ‘True Blood’, for the short Truth in Journalism.

The short, which has a pretty cool surprise at the end, is styled after “the 1992 Belgian cult classic black comedy Man Bites Dog, in which a documentary crew followed an affable and charming serial killer as he murdered people at random and slowly became complacent and involved in his gruesome activities,” according to Geeks of Doom.

Anyone that knows anything about the Marvel Universe will instantly make the connection that NYC crime reporter Eddie B. is Eddie Brock. Casual references are made to The Daily Bugle, Spider-man, and it seems as though Bullseye makes a guest appearance. The end reveal is pretty awesome. [via AICN]

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