Marvel’s Unsurprsing Phase Three Plans, According to EW

Marvel-Phase-3EW got a bit of dirt from Marvel about its potential Phase Three plans, which may or may not align with previous rumors that Planet Hulk was on the table.

We’ll save you from jumping over to EW, because they were nice enough to lay it all out in a ten-page slideshow. Fuckers.

Anyway: Ant-Man is definitely happening with Edgar Wright attached to direct; Doctor Strange is one of the “prime candidates” to get his own franchise; there’s a good chance we’ll see Iron Man 4 but Marvel said the character might be recast depending on RDJ; the rest of their report is basically a “no comment” for things like Hulk, Inhumans, or Black Panther or “not working on it but would love to” type of shit for Daredevil, Punisher, Ghost Rider, and Runaways.

So, good sleuthing EW. You really nailed that exclusive.

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