Monty Python Reuniting for a Sci-Fi Comedy?

montypythongroupholygrail_largeKind of.

Terry Jones is directing a film called Absolutely Anything, which is a tale of an asshole aliens who give an earthling the power of God just to see what happens.

It’s a CGI/live-action hybrid with John Cleese, Michael Palin and Terry Gilliam voicing the aliens — Eric Idle hasn’t signed on yet, but is expected to do so soon enough — and Robin Williams is voicing a dog, as well as playing a human, reports Variety.

For the record, everyone involved is saying this isn’t a Monty Python movie, but it will feel like one. Semantics aside, anytime we can get Monty Python back together — even if it’s just to voice some CGI aliens — I saw we are all better off. [via AICN]

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