The Year in Film by Google

I skipped the Oscars last night to watch the season finale of ‘Ripper Street’ — an exceptionally great BBC cop show set in London’s White Chapel neighborhood in the wake of the Jack the Ripper crimes.

Anyway, apparently by skipping the Oscars I didn’t miss much. The show was a hot mess by all accounts and sadly frat boy Seth MacFarlane won the day over old timey Hollywood MacFarlane. There were even few surprises in the winners, save for maybe Ang Lee winning best director over Spielberg and Christoph Waltz winning best supporting actor over Tommy Lee Jones.

If you care enough, you can stream the Oscars this morning on Hulu and The video is supposed to go live at 6 a.m. Eastern and stay up through Wednesday, Feb. 27 at midnight Eastern. Would have been better had they streamed it live on Sunday.

Regardless of all that, 2012 was certainly one of the best years for the movies since, perhaps, 1999. Honestly, it’s definitely up there with a handful of other years that will be historically remembered for its unusual quality, like 1939 or 1984.

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