Trailer: Before Midnight

I’m with David Haglund on this one:

To be honest, I didn’t really want to watch this trailer. Céline (Julie Delpy) and Jesse (Ethan Hawke), the couple at the heart of Before Sunrise and Before Sunset, occupy such a large space in my emotional life that, for once, I just want to ignore all the advance word on this movie and go into the theater completely in the dark about what has happened to them since we left them in Céline’s apartment nine years ago, listening to Nina Simone, a hopeful, uncertain look on Jesse’s face as he watched Céline dance and missed his flight out of Paris.

The first two movies in this series are a perfect duopoly and yes, I’m nervous as fuck that the third entry is just going to muck that up. And yet, if they nail it, if they make a movie that is as fitting and perfect and complimentary to the first two movies, then I will say, without reservation, that Richard Linklater’s Before Trilogy (Berilogy?) will be one of cinema’s finest achievements.

‘Before Midnight’ is out May 24 and I will have watched the other two movies at least five times between now and then and will probably drag Lady Oyster to go see it immediately.

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