Yet Another Obscure Teaser Trailer from Bad Robot Drops Online

Oh J.J. Abrams. Will you ever grow tired of dropping random teasers from your creative projects? Probably not. It’s to the point that his production company, Bad Robot, now owns the rights to obscure teaser trailers in the same way that M. Night Shyamalan owns the rights to a bad twist ending that makes no logical sense given the rest of the preceding movie.

Anyway, this one is for ‘The Stranger’, which could be a loose mashup between Albert Camus’ famed existential novel and the missing season eight of ‘Lost’.

One actual theory being floated by a redditor is for an upcoming video game because of Bad Robot’s existing partnership with Valve coupled with the fact that it’s Gamescon this week. I mean, if it were a movie or TV show this wouldn’t be the first time we heard anything about it, ya know?

Either way, this kind of viral marketing gets me every time and I’m so tired of it. Just tell us what you are advertising J.J. Abrams. Tell me what you want me to buy. Tell me everything about the plot so I don’t have to think for myself. [via entertainmentweekly]

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