BatmanBatmobileFirstLookYou’ve probably seen this one by now, surely, but I’m struck by how calculated Zack Snyder and Warner Brothers are being about the promotion of this movie, which doesn’t come out until next summer and is currently shooting. Doesn’t this reveal seem a bit … early?

They surely feel confident about the look of Ben Affleck’s Batman suit, and it is a nice homage to the Frank Miller short cowl. If I had to guess: producers will eventually reveal this to be the grey/navy blue incarnation of the suit — a first given Batman has always had a black suit in the movies.

Snyder’s ‘Man of Steel’ is less good in hindsight. Not even Affleck incredibly looking the part of Batman can make me feel anything other than cautious optimism for this one. I wasn’t worried when Affleck was cast as Batman and I’m certainly not worried about him not. What does concern me is Snyder and Warner Brothers. I want this movie to not suck so hard.

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