A fleeting moment of joy . . .

Brazilian Girls – “Don’t Stop” (Mp3)

There is much to be said of the human condition more profoundly than I could. Lyrically this song isn?t profound with the gist being, ?don?t stop, now, just keep on going until I come.? But it evokes those rare moments which exists between people, one of those fleeting moments of such ethereal beauty that is the crux of life. There is no greater high than the shared experience between random strangers, of being in that experience and not thinking beyond or behind it. Because, silliness aside, sometimes that?s all we?ve got and it happens so rarely. Not necessarily sex either, could be any moment.

Elsewhere: For those that care, Brazilian Girls are one of the best bands going. Their lives shows are a thing of amazement and lead singer Sabina Sciubba is an empirically beautiful human. I hate to be shallow but it’s true. I don’t know why I felt the need to point out the obvious. I guess it’s the John Madden in me.

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