Air Guitars! Excellent!

We love a good air guitar. Especially since when I take up an air instrument it’s usually the air drums or air keyboard. So usually we’re not into posting random clips of air guitar godliness. However. We were recently informed that the gentleman below, yes, the one with the Hello Kitty breast plate, has a brother who is a doctor at Maine Medical. One can only imagine what Thanksgivings must be like at that family. Enjoy the stylings of the Japanese Air Guitar champion.

Incidentally, the song he’s rocking out to is from Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure when the authorities are chasing everyone through the mall. It is written and performed by Extreme, who apparently used to rock pretty hard prior to their “More than Words’ days. Anyway, it’s an unbelievable song… And then enjoy the trailer for a new documentary coming out about this phenomenon Air Guitar Nation.

Beethoven nailed that tune! Air Guitar Nation opens Mar. 23 in NYC from docudrama films.

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