Akon keepin’ it real yo

This is Akon at KFEST 2007 at Duchess Stadium in Fishkill, NY. You’ll notice lots of young adoring fans, little girls shouting for him. It’s a little overcast, but all in all looks like it’s a good day for a show.

Now this is Akon tossing a fan from the stage after he had security drag the kid up on stage. In all fairness to Akon the kid did allegedly throw something onto the stage.

Regardless we still love that Gwen Stefani song with Akon’s high pitched “woo-who! Hee who!” We say if there were more songs like that in the world, then he should be allowed to toss as many rowdy teenagers off the stage as he likes.

Mp3: Gwen Stefani (ft. Akon) – “Sweet Escape”

Take the jump for another angle. The kid gets tossed like Raggedy Ann, too bad he didn’t break an arm so he could sue for some sweet sweet bling of his own.

On second thought… what a douche.

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