American Idol or American Pornstar?

We present the case you dear reader make the decision. And as much as we’d love to display any of the pictures the majority of them are definitely not safe for work. The one below is probably the most safe.

Seems Antonella Barba has more up her sleeve than a sexy body and a nice singing voice. One of this season’s female finalists has a gallery of sexy photos over at Useless Junk (NSFW). The photo spread starts out pretty PG-13, akin to something you’d see in Maxim, but soon enough it goes straight to an X-rating. Afterall, do you think Simon wants his American Idol slurging a dude’s skin flute?

I’m guessing this is some type of hatchet job, however, by the person who uploaded the photos, especially considering what you can do with Photoshop. Anyone know the legitimacy to these photos? In the X-rated photos her ears look different, a discrepency to great to not notice.

She may want to change some of the answers on her American Idol profile page after these pics of her surface.

If you don’t make it on American Idol what will you do? Finish school. (new answer should be softcore porn)

What other talents do you have? Violin, piano. (Um, after seeing these photos it’s too easy)

Most embarrassing moment? Saying the wrong things before I think. (Right now definitely qualifies)

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