Arcade Fire on SNL

Lost in all the Oscar hoopla was a stellar two song set from Arcade Fire on SNL this past Saturday. The started off with “Intervention” and then closed with “Keep the Car Running,” both cuts from the forthcoming Neon Bible.

Arcade Fire certainly delivered the goods and made the Rainn Wilson hosted show worth tuning in for. Sure makes me wish I could have gotten down to NYC for their five night run at Judson Memorial Church. If, like me you didn’t get down to see those performances you can grab the Friday show at Hearsay and the Saturday show over at NPR.

Is it just me or does Winn look an aweful look like Christopher Walken’s creepy art son in Wedding Crashers?

Look at Winn on the left and the actor who plays Todd Cleary in Wedding Crashers in the photo on the right. He’s the creepy one on the far right, in case you couldn’t tell. Enjoy the aural pleasure of “Keep the Car Running” from SNL. And in case you were wondering, Sak Vide Pa Kanpe (as taped to Winn’s guitar during their first song) means “An empty sack cannot stand up” in English. It’s a creole saying.

Neon Bible streets 3/6

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