Badly Drawn Boy + Starbucks = A disappointed holiday feeling?

Hugh Grant’s peripheral holiday movie, About a Boy is just about one of my favorite movies.? I adore it in the same way that you want to pinch you little niece’s cheeks or curl up in a blanket on a snowy day with a cup of spiked hot chocolate.? It might not necessarily be considered a “holiday” movie, per say, but more than any movie in recent past it fills you with the same feeling you’re supposed to have during the holidays.

A lot of that has to do with the story, but an even larger portion of that has to do with the soundtrack from the wildly eclectic British songwriter Badly Drawn Boy, aka Damon Gough.? So what happens when Starbucks decides to use a snippet of his song “I love NYE?”? Well, let’s just say that the result are full of cheer right up until you realize that the cute and coy animation is nothing more than a Starbucks advertisement.

I feel so let down and maybe the worst part is the slight feeling of elation about the holidays just as the coffe giant kicks you in the shins.

The animals are kinda cute though, so maaaybe we can give them a pass and stop being a scroogy scrooge.

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