Beck tied to double suicide

Interesting bit of news. Beck has been linked to the double suicide of artists Jeremy Blake and Theresa Duncan. Though the NY Post makes it seem like Beck was responsible for both artists for committing suicide, which isn’t really the case at all.

Beck had Blake design the album artwork for his brilliant album, Sea Changes and then supposedly he was going to act in a movie made by Duncan, but backed out last minute because of Scientology.

But Duncan said the Los Angeles-based Beck backed out, fearing that his Scientologist handlers wouldn’t like the movie, Vanity Fair reported.

“[Beck] really, really tried to get away . . . [by] using going to NY to be in ‘Alice Underground,’ ” Duncan e-mailed a friend in late 2006.

“He told me he wanted to leave the cult desperately, and this what they do when someone knows that.”

The thing is people back out of projects all the time, so regardless if Beck did, should that really drive two people to take their lives?

Beck said he was only casual friends with Duncan and Blake, and certainly had no intentions of leaving the Church of Scientology.

“That’s ridiculous. Totally false,” Beck told the mag about his alleged agreement to work on “Alice.”

“Had we been closer and discussed anything as personal as religion, I would have only had positive things to say about Scientology.”

Regardless, Beck probably doesn’t like being tied to this story in this manner.

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