Bon Jovi autobiography postponed

Flying Dolphin Press has postponed the release of Jon Bon Jovi’s autobiography “Believe.” No reason for the postponement was given.

All Headline News has the scoop, or at the very least, the press release from the publishing house.

The proposed book will relive the band’s climb to fame and include insight from band members. It will also tell stories of Bon Jovi’s experiences as an actor and his dedication to various social/political causes.

A new release date has not been set for Bon Jovi’s book.

You think it will delve in Bon Jovi’s days as an Arena Football owner? My guess as to the reason for the delay? I dunno. I think maybe no one wants to read an autobiography, ghost written no doubt, from this guy.


If it were Richie Sambora, however, we’d be, like, totally upset over this announcement.

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