Boston may reunite … or not

Since the tragic death of Boston’s lead singer Brad Delp back in March, his two kids have been trying to get his old bandmates back together for a much deserved reunion concert in August. Seemed like all the original members said yes. Todd Schultz, Barry Goudreau, Fran Sheehan, Fran Cosmo and Sib Hashian all jumped on board. And then Todd Schultz jumped off board.

Word is, Scholz still hasn?t signed off on joining his former bandmates on stage to perform ?Don?t Look Back? at the conclusion of the concert. Which is kind of the point of the whole thing!

According to friends and family members, Delp was distraught over the lingering bad feelings from the ugly breakup of the band Boston over 20 years ago. Delp continued to work with Scholz and Boston but also gigged with Goudreau, Sheehan and Hashian, the original members of the band who had a fierce falling out with Scholz in the early ?80s.

Delp?s two kids, Jennifer, 26, and John Michael, 22, came up with the plan for a tribute concert and to bring the two sides together. They reached out to Scholz and asked him to participate, saying they chose the name ?Come Together? because of their dad?s love for the Beatles. (He fronted the tribute band Beatlejuice.)

?We wanted to invite you personally because we feel that that?s what dad would have liked to see most, for all the members of Boston to put their differences aside and Come Together and stand shoulder to shoulder and play some Boston songs one last time,? the Delp kids wrote to Scholz.

Spokesgal Gail Parenteau said Scholz was ?very flattered? to be invited to perform at the show but needed some assurances about the charity the concert would benefit and other technicalities before signing off.

She said Scholz was also concerned that the press release not mislead fans into thinking the concert was a Boston reunion show – and that it make clear that the original band members would only do one song together.

That Todd Schult, always looking out for others. It’s one show to honor your former lead singer, what kind of assurances do you really need? The publicist also goes on to say that the concert is “going to be hot!” Which is just her way of saying it gets really muggy in Boston in mid-August.

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  • roz April 29, 2011, 9:22 pm

    some one should do more research before writ9ing an article

  • george June 19, 2007, 3:57 pm

    Todd Schultz? LOL