Britney’s Postpartum

Normally we love to mock and poke fun, but today, with news that Britney Spears allegedly attempted to commit suicide during her stay at the Promise Clinic we offer nothing but the thoughts for her to get mentally better. Though we’re no experts on A) having a baby and B) postpartum depression we suspect that the pop star may be suffering from it. Most of her antics have occurred since the birth of her second child, which was conceived shortly after her first. And if the sources are to be believed from this report, them it seems Britney wants to have another child sooner rather than later. Let’s hope she gets the help she needs.

To wit: A source at the clinic also revealed to the paper that Britney had realised what a ‘rock’ her estranged hubby was, and that she not only wanted them to get back together, but also to have another baby. “She just wants to be with him again,” the source said.

It’s unfortunate this has to play out in a very public forum for her. Cheers to Craig Ferguson for recognizing this a lot sooner than many of us did.

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