Christmas spirit with SNL

If this doesn’t get you a little bit excited for Christmas, which is about a week away, well then bah humbug to you dear sir or ma’am.

Everything about this is just great, from the goofiness of the song and childlike chords and piano part, to Jimmy Fallon not laughing, Chris Kattan’s head move thingie and Tracy Morgan doing nothing. It’s so bizarre and wonderful at the same time, much like Christmas.

Seeing as you won’t be getting any treats like this because of the writer’s strike we’ll take what we can get. Why is Tracy Morgan relegated to being the official dancing man when we know he can sing?


And yes, this will certainly be included in our 2007 Christmas music mix that we’ll be sending you off with on Friday for the holidays. Expect some old favorites, some new ones, some to get stuck in your head and hopefully some unexpected gems.

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