Climber, Tea for Julie, Dahlia @ Mission Theater 11/3/07

Just wanted to take a second and let ya’ll know about a show I went to last night. It was a benefit concert for Mercy Corps., which is a non-profit here in Portland. They were recently nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for their work and they have a series of benefit concerts to raise money for Uganda.

It’s a great idea. Last night’s concert featured Climber, Tea for Julie and Dahlia. I wasn’t super impressed with any of the bands, but I also felt like all of them had their own sound, were fairly talented musicians and even good stage presence. I wonder if much of my insousciance had to do with the atmosphere of the concert and not the bands themselves.

It was like going to a Peter, Paul and Mary concert with my parents. Just tons of folks sitting around at tables drinking beer and wine and watching the acts. No one was really into the music and it could have just as easily been movie night. I go to a rock show and I wanna fucking dance. I wanna jump up and down until my legs are about to give out from exhaustion.

Needless to say, I felt weird and so I didn’t take any pictures.



Climber had a pretty cool sound. It was mostly the swooning piano-balladry type of rock. The lead singer had a bad-assed voice and I often thought of them in relationship to all those British bands like Keane or Coldplay. I don’t say that as a diss either, since I think both of those bands are pretty darn good. They just released an album and I feel like this foursome has great potential to really become a band worth watching. I wish they just rocked out a bit more, some of their songs had a few good rifts and others had a nice interchange between two pianos.

I’ll probably catch them again and maybe grab their album to give them a fair shake. (Myspace)



Tea for Julie make the kind of accessible pop-rock that is reminiscent of the mid-nineties. I’m not really sure how to say it other than that. They kind of took me back to a period when music was adventurous and melodic and just rocking, but not pretentious. That’s a hard thing to do. Write a good rock song that’s pleasant to listent to. A lot of rock is just abrassive, but there’s something wonderfully happy about Tea For Julie. What do they say? All killer no filler, something like that. Plus, their guitar player had a mean Pete Townsend windmill, which fucking rocked. (Myspace)



Dahlia got me all hot and bothered. I didn’t care much for their take on the anthemic trippy techno beats. But damn, lead singer Jennifer Folker has sexuality and rock star stage presence to burn. She treated this show like it may have been her last concert vibing off the audience trying to get them amped and singing her heart out. She’s got quite the set of pipes too, evident on the last song of the evening a didjeradoo meets arabic chant. Their sound was very much similar to Portishead or Bjork, maybe even The Brazilian Girls, but they rocked hard. Lots of good hooks and drum beats. I’m not sure I’d go see them again in concert unless it was at a dance club, but I’d love to throw them on at a party. (Myspace)

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