Cold War Kids – “Hospital Beds”


We got to thinking about the rise and fall of certain bands, after reading that Spin Article this morning, not sure why.? Recently, as in during the past year, a lynch pin band for the encapsulation of music bloggers and leaked albums would have to be The Cold War Kids.?It’s hard to imagine that their debut album on Downtown Records came out less than a year ago, back in Oct ’06.? But they’ve been building on the buzz since early ’06 based on three early leaked EP’s and a huge helping from negative reviews by Pitchfork Media and some positive aff from Stereogum, etc.

But, as the year went on, everbody’s favorite buzz band seemed to disappear.? Music writers turned their backs on the band because it came out the group met at the Bible Institute of Los Angeles.? You know, you can’t have Christian leanings as a bonafide rock band, especially not in Pitchfork’s eyes.

And just as the band was disappearing, they some how made the leap to terrestrial radio and songs like “Hang Me Up To Dry” and “Robbers” and now “Hospital Beds” have been burning up on alternative and indie rock radio formats.? Back in March their concert with Tokyo Police Club was one of the hottest tickets in town, the show sold out about two months in advance (granted it was at the too tiny of venue The Middle East Upstairs, but hey, that’s another story).

The Cold War Kids – they were up, they were down, and now, oddly, thanks to regular old radio, they are back up and lots of people are starting to remember just how much they loved these guys in the first place, Christianity aside.? And let’s be honest it doesn’t bother Sufjan Stevens fans the least bit, The Cold War Kids are a damn great rock band.

Their latest video for “Hospital Beds” has a fairly big budget look to it, with the boxing match, old friends settling a dispute in the ring, the black and white film stock and everyone singing “I did not choose him/he did not choose me . . . put out the fire boys/don’t stop, don’t stop/put out the fire on us.”? Perhaps a Christian baptism, perhaps not, either way it’s compelling music.

I only wonder what they think of leaked albums, now that they’ve used leaked albums and strong live shows to become an established band.

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