Courtney Love just got even crazier

You know in the realm of crazy assed publicity stunts to promote a tour or a new record this one not only takes the cake but it stores the left overs in the creepy tupperware box.

Courtney Love has hired a Kurt Cobain look-a-like for her latest tour. From NME:

Posting on her blog, Love wrote: “Another (guy) I found out later models on the side…but I’ll admit it, I really hired him ‘cos he looks so much like Kurt. It’s weird, and he can play really well. He didn’t kill me but he swore if I gave him a week he’d learn everything. He’s blonde and soooooooo beautiful and his guitar playing is great.”

She continued: “The other is a guy from band called Larrakin Love. His guitar playing blew me away because it’s just so fucking MODERN. Its’ Jonny Greenwood and Jack White and now and he’s not stuck in any nineties rut.”

Love also hinted that she plans to play a secret London show on her birthday, July 9. She wrote: “So London is on my bday, BUT I CAN’T SAY WHERE, and NY is on the 12th or 13th and the Roxy (in Los Angeles) is a few days after that.”

Love concluded by saying that she’s recording a new song, tentatively titled ‘Crashing Down’, which “rocks really hard”.

So to recap. Courtney Love has a new record coming out and a new tour and everyone yawns all over. But then she announces she’s hired a guitar player who looks exactly like her legendary dead husband and we all get up in arms and pay attention. Publicity stunt to end all publicity stunts we say.

I think I’m going to retch on myself.

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