Dinner with the Band on AT&T

Our favorite rock n’ roll and food show has jumped out of the intertubes in a partnership with AT&T. Now you’ll be able to get this great show, not just on iTunes or from the internet only ON Networks.

I think this is a good thing for several of the ON Network shows, afterall the exposure can’t hurt. On the other hand part of me feels like this is that moment when your favorite band has broken out and you realize you’ll never be able to seem them in a small, intimate venue again. It’s an odd confliction, part happy part sadness.

Behold! A press release:

From indie rock performances to an in-depth look at the video gaming industry, the four original series from High Definition (HD) content provider ON Networks, offer viewers a diverse array of shows that they can watch on any device. Today, this also includes AT&T television (AT&T U-verseSM TV and AT&T HomezoneSM); wireless (MobiTV? Inc.); and broadband (AT&T blue room, AT&T U-verseSM OnTheGo and AT&T Broadband TV) services.

?Today?s consumer wants more variety than ever before ? both in the types of programs they watch and how they get their programming,? said Dan York, head of Content and Programming, AT&T. ?With programming from ON Networks, we are delivering new, original content that our customers desire and giving them the convenience to access it when and where they most want to watch.?

?Delivering content over three screens is not just the future of entertainment, it?s happening today, and AT&T is leading the charge,? said Kip McClanahan, CEO of ON Networks. ?Our shows are all shot in HD and created with the highest possible consumer experience in mind, ensuring quality on a 50-inch plasma TV or three-inch mobile device.?

Beginning today, AT&T video service customers, qualifying AT&T wireless customers and online visitors to AT&T blue room (http://www.attblueroom.com) will be able to watch episodes from the four video series that are on the cusp of today?s pop culture. New episodes will be rolling out periodically through the end of the year. They include:

–?Dinner with the Band? ? A series in which two of life?s passions ? food and music ? share a virtual stage. Viewers will join New York City chef Sam Mason as he shares an intimate evening of cooking, conversation and live performances with a rotating roster of some of the music industry?s best up-and-comers.

–?Play Value? ? Hipster Gen X’ers will chronicle the high and low points of the video gaming industry and explore the many ways that video games have impacted the lives of consumers today.

–?Backpack Picnic? ? Influenced by absurdist sketch comedy icons such as ?Monty Python? and ?Kids in the Hall,? this series will combine one-off skits and recurring character pieces that offer intelligently crafted stupidity and push the button on weird.

–?Bif Bam Pow Wow!? ? Whether it’s movies, games, Internet babes, action figures or comic books, Tom Seymour has his finger on the pulse of geek culture and will dole out his unique, unsolicited opinions throughout this series.

So there you have it. At least we’ll always be able to say we knew you when, when we see Sam Mason and (fill in name of obscure indie rock band) coming up next after Emeril Live! Bam!

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