Driveshaft lives on!

So we’re impossibly biting our fingernails until the new season of Lost starts up.? Nothing on television right now has us even remotely excited as the prospect of the island.


DarkUFO, which is one of the premier destination for all Lostphanatics, has taken the time to put up the video for DriveShaft’s “You All Everybody.”? What I always thought was funny was that they sounded curiously like Oasis with a similar backstory to boot.? They were one of Locke’s favorite bands and for any Alias fans out there, in one particular epsidoe Syd Bristow threw a party at her house and she was a fan of Driveshaft, as their hit single “You All Everybody” was playing in the background.

All pretty funny stuff if you ask me.

Mp3: DriveShaft – “You All (Everybody)”

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