Early listen to Ghostface’s “Big Doe Rehab”

In contrast to Snoop Dogg’s slow slide to irrelevance, Ghostface Killah has emerged from the Wu-Tang clan as a force of nature.? So much so, that he was able to convince RZA to delay the release of the new Wu-Tang album by a week in favor of his latest release The Big Doe Rehab.?

Thanks for the heads up from GVB, but you can stream the clean version of The Big Doe Rehab right now.? And from the clean sounds of it, this is going to be another ill release from Ironman. ? His nasally tone and flow are just unparallel right now, but maybe that’s because I’ve had Supreme Clientele,?Fishscale, More Fish and Ironman on heavy rotation lately.

The Big Doe Rehab is out on DefJam Dec. 4

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