Excerpts from Slash’s autiobiography

Sex, drugs, and nasty face melting guit solos. That’s really all we want when it comes to our musicians. In his prime Slash, aka Saul Hudson, was one of the best. His work with Axl Rose on those classic Guns N’ Roses albums, well, what more can you say. You can hear the craziness.

Well, many of you may want to know if he treats Axl fairly in the book and we say “who the hell cares?” I wanna know if he was doing speedballs with naked hookers in a tour bus.

Again, many thanks to The Head Researcher for digging up these excerpts from the book and if you want to read even more head over to The Guardian.

“Soon I started speedballing heavily and really enjoyed the unique brand of hallucinatory paranoia that comes with it. No one had taught me to speedball; I just thought it would be like a narcotic Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. Coke and heroin were two great tastes that I knew would go great together. The rush of the coke would send me up and then the dope would kick in and the trip would take a wonderful turn; and the two would weave in and out of each other from there on out. I’d always end up shooting all of the heroin before I’d mowed through the coke, so usually I’d get wired to the point of an impending heart attack. At the end of those nights, I was also often left with the distinct feeling that I was being watched, so I started to think that walking around my house armed to the teeth was a good idea.

I bought a bunch of guns: a shotgun, a .38 Special, a .44 Magnum, and a few revolvers. I used to keep my .38 in the back of my pants, and after Megan went to sleep, and after I’d shot up enough coke and heroin, I’d walk around the house thinking about things while watching the little hallucinatory figures that started to pop up in the corners of my vision. I’d see them dive and roll off of the top of the curtain rods or run along the baseboards in my peripheral vision, but every time I tried to look at them head-on, they’d disappear. Around then I stopped talking to everyone I knew and started doing a great deal of drawing. Throughout my life, my drawings have always reflected what I was into at the time. During this period, I drew nothing but dinosaurs and assorted graphic designs and logos.”

“My room was at the front of the apartment, separated from Axl’s by our living room and a long railroad-style hallway. So I went down there to see what was going on; I found Earl, Tom Mayhew, Steve, and Axl hanging out with two happy-go-lucky Midwestern girls that they’d brought back. We all hung out, and as it got later, it was suggested that the girls have sex with all of us. They were willing to blow everyone in the room, which seemed reasonable to me, but they didn’t want to fuck us. For whatever reason, that really pissed Axl off. The girls had a very intelligent rationale for their point of view, but Axl begged to differ. This debate continued for a moment, and it was pretty relaxed, but suddenly Axl exploded. He threw them out with such rage it was shocking. The way it went down was completely unnecessary. The coup de grace was that one of the girls’ dads was a prominent officer with the Chicago police, or so I was told. Later that morning I packed up my stuff and flew back to LA. A few days later, I had Megan move out and join me.”

That’s what I’m talking about. Can’t wait to get my hands on this book. This thing is gonna rock like a dirty, filthy crack-whore binge waiting to get backstage with the band.


Extracted from Slash: The Autobiography by Slash with Anthony Bozza, published by HarperCollins on Oct. 30, 2007.? All of these grimey tales can be yours for the low, low price of $27.95.

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