Giga-what? Giga-who? It’s Gigpedia!

Sure we all love new music and even more than new music we love live music. There’s nothing like the pure visceral and auditory experience of sweating, holloring, singing along, shaking your body to any band or DJ. It’s that symbiotic relationship between a band and their audience that can only happen at that specific space and time.

Yes, has got tons of streaming live shows and with some effort you’ll be able to find some gems over at Phantasy Tour or maybe even find a show from Wolfgang’s Vault. But still you want a site where you can download and save that show to savor, to remember the experience, or even just list to an experience you only read about from your favorite newspaper or blog. Into that void comes a new community site, Gigpedia. It’s very similar in nature to Digg and Wikipedia. In that it’s content is purely user generated and content is voted upon by the community so that the best links and posts goes straight to the top of the charts, so to speak. Okay that was lame, but the website isn’t. In fact it’s pretty great.

All you have to do is create an account, upload any live shows into Sendspace or Mediafire or anyone of a dozen file hosting sites and then submit the file link with a brief description into Gigpedia. The site is currently in beta testing and the site creators David Senior and Eli Wallach hope to roll out many more impressive features.

Here’s the skinny from the site:

The point is Gigpedia is no more us, then it is you. We are all part of one community that together makes Gigpedia what it is. Amazing! Why is it amazing? Because it allows free sharing of media and information amongst a community of like-minded people; MUSIC LOVERS. So what makes us so different? Well, for starters, we are the only web site that currently concerns itself with LIVE MUSIC. Don’t get us wrong we appreciate all of the web sites our there that aim to share indie or underground or new, or however you want to describe it music. We commend them, as new music MUST be heard. Our goal however is different. In fact, we have nothing to do with new music, and everything to do with old music. Live music! Trading live music (commonly known as ?bootlegging?) has been around for many years. Trading has seen its ups and downs but is still a very vibrant hobby to this day.

So get uploading all those shows you’ve been to and share the great tunes with everyone else! And remember there’s only one rule to abide by:

Rule #2 is why you’ve come here. It’s what makes this site unique. Rule #2 states; if you talk about an amazing live music experience, it is your duty to back it up with a link to where it can be accessed (audio or video). Further, rule #2 states that no news item can be confirmed without being linked to a trusted source.

The dude certainly abides! And because the Dude abides we thought we’d include a link for a bitchin May 6, 1971 Miles Davis show at the Fillmore West we found on Gigpedia.

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