Gorillaz enter a new medium

When Damon Albarn, head honcho for Blur and the driving force, along with illustrator Jamie Hewlett (Tank Girl), behind animated sensation The Gorillaz, started yet another musical project (The Good, The Bad & The Queen) it seemed as if The Gorillaz would disappear forever.

There have been the persistant rumors of a feature length animated Gorillaz movie, but those have seemed to be nothing more than empty-wouldn’t-it-be-cool rumors. Now word comes that the band will be available to purchase in the form of a vibrator.

Yup, the virtual hip-hop/Britpop band will now live on to please a legion of female fans. The six different designs, featuring different members of the band will be created by Hewlett and the adult toy company JimmyJane and cost in the neighborhood of $275-$1650.

So which bandmate do you want on yours? Murdoc, Russell, 2-D or Noodle.

On a related note: If you happen to be in Manchester, England from June 28 – July 7 be sure to check out the Manchester International Festival. Specifically, the Chinese Opera Monkey: Journey to the West. It’s a show with Chinese acrobats doing their thing, but Damon Albarn composed the music for the show and Jamie Hewlett did up a slew of new animation, designed the costumes and visual concept of the show.

M4a: The Gorillaz – “Rock the House”

M4a: The Gorillaz – “All Alone”

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