Grace Potter – “Ah Mary”

Grace Potter and the Nocturnal’s have had a meteoric rise, being largely unknowns not more than a few years ago, playing the clubs of hometown Burlington, VT and Boston. Now, they’ve been everywhere out promoting their latest album This is Somewhere from Jay Leno, Craig Ferguson and Good Morning America. It got a gonzo good review in The Boston Globe, and deservedly so, if it’s anything like Potter’s stellar live performances or her last album Nothing But the Water.

Don’t let Potter’s sexiness fool you into thinking she can’t rock both the guitar and organ harder than most dudes. This is straight rock and roll, a direct line from the blues and gospel, the kind of rock equally fit for a barroom, an open road, a party, or an arena. She brings the noise fast, loud and fun all in a husky, yet sexy set of pipes.

This is Somewhere is out now from Hollywood Records.

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