Green Day working under an alias


Move over Green Day and say hello to Foxboro Hot Tub.? This hasn’t been confirmed by the band, but NME is reporting that the band has released a six song EP for download on Myspace under the aforementioned moniker Foxboro Hot Tub.? Sounds sorta like an early rock’n’roll band, a la The Wonders crossed with the hard rythyms of The Hives.? And yes, I know that The Wonders aren’t a real band, thank you very much.

After giving their album a listen it sounds like it could be Green Day, but again it’s a very different sound for the band and the lead singer resembles Billie Joe Armstrong eerily, but I’m digging it.? If it is Green Day, then this is a cool way to try out new material, which is something bands? do all the time, play live shows to test out material under a different moniker.? How very 2.0 of them.

Mp3: Foxboro Hot Tubs – “Stop Drop and Roll”
Mp3: Foxboro Hot tubs – “Highway 1”

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