Honorable mentions and a few from Stumptown

We’ve gotten a bit lazy on our year end lists. What we mean is that we were going to roll out a new list each day, but being home for the holidays and all, we’ve just been bombarded by shovelling, family, old drinking buddies, the usual when you go back to Boston in the winter.

We’ve been procrastinating and listening to a lot of albums we initially including in our list of albums we didn’t listen to. Had we had more time we certainly wouldn’ve included Beirut’s The Flying Club Cup and probably Panda Bear’s Person Pitch somewhere on our list tomorrow.

But today, we’re just going to mention some albums we liked, but didn’t love. The one’s that just missed the cut, but nonetheless provided us with plenty of aural pleasure this year. We also made the decision to include a separate list for some Portland-based musicians, because all of those albums were incredibly high on our initial year-end list. We didn’t want to come off as to Portlandcentric and so we just decided to exalt them with their own list.

If you’re inclined to get a taste of these bands head over to Myspace and listen to several tracks.

Honorable Mention

10. Elvis PerkinsAsh Wednesday
9. The CoralRoots & Echoes
8. Sunny Day in GlasgowScribble Mural Comic Journal
7. Dirty SweetOf Beggars and Monarchs …
6. Ryan AdamsEasy, Tiger
5. Polyphonic SpreeThe Fragile Army
4. Miracle FortressFive Roses
3. StarsIn Our Bedroom After the War
2. Andrew BirdArmchair Apocrypha
1. Grace Potter and The NocturnalsThis is Somewhere

Stumptown’s Finest

The reason I decided to distinguish these artists was because I wanted to include all of them on my year end list, but then since they are all from the same city I figured why take up space from other deserving bands. Trust me, it makes sense in my head. I don’t think you would be disappointed by picking up any of these albums. They all offer very distinct pleasures.

6. Laura VeirsSaltbreaker
5. MenomenaFriends and Foes
4. Modest MouseWe Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank
3. John VandersliceEmerald City
2. The Shaky HandsEponymous
1. Blitzen TrapperWild Mountain Nation

We’ll swing by tomorrow for our fav songs and fav albums, a little holiday mix to send you packing off to grandma’s house for the weekend, and of course our usually daily dose of pop culture nuggets.

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