Idol: The Musical

Seems a satirical look at Clay Aiken and those Aiken acolytes who think the Idol singer will save the world is heading to New York and possibly Broadway. From Spinner:

Idol: The Musical,’ which is to open Off Broadway in New York City on July 5, is described as “a satirical look” at the phenomena known as Clay-Mania — a thumbnail that strikes us as being almost as redundant as “a soporific rendition of ‘You Light Up My Life.'”Be that as it may, the show’s characters manage to sink to the bottom of the social totem pole in Steubenville, Ohio by dint of their unwavering faith in feats of Clay.

It’s about time someone tried to pop the Idol balloon. Kinda surprised that it’s Broadway, but hey, it worked for the hilarious The Putnam County Spelling Bee.

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